The company is a holding company that operates a comprehensive automotive business. The company's core business is divided into 3 groups:

  • Automotive Businesses
  • After-Sales Service and Auto Maintenance Businesses
  • Car and Driver Rental Businesses

In addition, the company has a group of businesses that provide information technology (IT) services, shared services, automotive financial services, insurance brokers, and car cleaning and painting services, which are supporting businesses and businesses related to the company's core business.


As of September 30, 2023

Revenue from sale of goods and rendering of services

Million Baht

Selling, General and Administration

Million Baht

Gross Profit

Million Baht

Net Profit

Million Baht

Net Profit Margin


Revenue Breakdowns By Business Group Q3/2023

(Million Baht)

MGC-ASIA Ecosystem

The MGC-ASIA Ecosystem has created a strong and distinctive business advantage for the group, differentiating it from its competitors, which primarily focus on the automotive distribution business. The group can provide customers with a comprehensive and diverse range of services, which is a key factor in creating a customer experience (Customer Experience) with mechanisms to encourage target customers to use the group's services on a continuous basis (Customer Loyalty), which can generate income and profits for the group in the long term. In addition, the group benefits from economies of scale from the use of shared business resources under the MGC-ASIA Ecosystem and can leverage the group's customer database, which covers a group of customers with needs and potential to purchase or a variety of products or services of the group to expand the business and create new business opportunities, both in terms of offering higher value products or services (Up-selling) and offering related products (Cross-selling).

The company's core business
High-growth potential business