After-Sales Service Center

The company provides after-sales service, including the sale of automotive parts, accessories, body kits, and other items. The service centers are located at each dealership of respective automotive brands.

Information as of December 31, 2022

branches in Bangkok and its metropolitan area

branches in other provinces.

The mentioned service centers provide paint and body repair services and consist of 10 branches, including 7 branches in Bangkok and its metropolitan area, and 3 branches in other provinces.

These service centers adhere to the quality standards set by each automotive manufacturer. The after-sales service department is of significant importance to the overall business operations of the group of companies. It plays a crucial role in supporting the automotive sales business, as it helps maintain customer loyalty and encourages repeat purchases and services from the group of companies in the long term.

Various channels to reach customers

In addition, the group of companies has various channels to reach customers beyond the showrooms of each automotive brand. Each brand organizes events and roadshows to promote the showrooms of the group of companies and showcase new car models at different locations such as leading department stores, exhibition centers, and private office buildings. The company sees these events as efficient ways to reach their target customer groups.

The main exhibition events that the group of companies participates in include Motor Show, Motor Expo, and Big Motor Sales. Furthermore, the group of companies takes advantage of selling various car brands by organizing their own exhibition events known as MGC-ASIA Auto Fest. These events take place at leading department stores and provide designated areas for each car brand in close proximity to each other. Besides these main exhibition events, the group of companies also reaches customers through online channels, such as their websites and various social media platforms.

For each automotive brand, we can provide preliminary consultation to customers who are interested in purchasing cars of various brands and effectively attract them to visit our showrooms or offer home delivery test drives. We aim to deliver excellent customer service and guidance to help them make informed decisions about their car choices.

Motor Show Exhibition

MGC-ASIA Auto Fest Exhibition Auto Fest

Home Delivery Test Drive Service

Relationship-Building Activities and Creating Brand Loyalty between the Company Group and Customers

In addition, the group of companies also organizes various events to foster relationships with customers and build brand loyalty. These activities include sports competitions for customers who purchase BMW cars, outings for customers who purchase Rolls-Royce cars from the group of companies, as well as opportunities for customers to share their driving experiences through activities and customer testimonials. There are also motorcycle riding competitions such as the Harley-Davidson Freedom Challenge. Moreover, the group arranges cross-selling activities that offer related services to customers, such as the Test Drive & Sea Trial event, where previous Rolls-Royce customers are invited to test drive new Rolls-Royce cars from Bangkok to Pattaya, experience a sea trial on an Azimut yacht in Pattaya, and test drive other car models or versions from Pattaya back to Bangkok. These activities aim to provide customers with opportunities to test drive new car models and yachts, creating memorable experiences for them.