Millennium Group Corporation (Asia) PCL

The company operates as a holding company with a complete business ecosystem in the automotive industry under the "MGC-ASIA Ecosystem." This ecosystem includes businesses that cover the entire automotive value chain.

The main business of the company

is divided into 4 business groups:

Automotive Businesses

Under various leading brands, including BMW, Mini, Honda, and Rolls-Royce for automobiles, BMW Motorrad and Harley Davidson for motorcycles, Azimut for yachts, and Chris Craft for riverboats.

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After-Sales Service and Auto Maintenance Businesses

The provision of high-quality after-sales services is considered a critical factor in deciding the choice of automobile dealerships and customers' preferences for after-sales services. The group of companies can access standardized equipment, cutting-edge technology, and a team of experienced and skilled technicians who have received training according to the manufacturers' standards.

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Car and Driver Rental Businesses

The chauffeur service business of MDS and the car rental business of MCR are complementary and can offer cross-selling opportunities to customers. Many customers of MDS and MCR may consider renting a car with a chauffeur at the same time.

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Information Technology Service and Other Service Businesses

The business group includes Information Technology (IT) services, Shared Services, Automotive Financial Services, Insurance Agency, and Car Cleaning and Coating Services. These are supporting businesses and related services to the company's core business.

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MGC-ASIA Ecosystem

The MGC-ASIA Ecosystem has established its business strengths and competitive advantages in the automotive industry, primarily focusing on the sales of various leading brands such as BMW, Mini, Honda, and Rolls-Royce for cars, BMW Motorrad and Harley Davidson for motorcycles, as well as Azimut and Chris Craft for yachts and boats. The group of companies within MGC-ASIA Ecosystem is capable of providing comprehensive and diverse services to customers, which is a key factor in creating a remarkable customer experience and fostering customer loyalty. This continuous customer loyalty enables the group to generate revenue and profitability in the long term. Moreover, the companies within the MGC-ASIA Ecosystem benefit from economies of scale by efficiently utilizing shared business resources. Additionally, the group can leverage the customer database, covering a wide range of potential customers with diverse needs and purchasing potentials, to explore new business opportunities. This includes up-selling high-value products or services and cross-selling related products or services to customers, allowing for continuous business growth and the creation of new business opportunities.