Dividend Policy and Payments

The company has a policy of paying dividends at a rate of not less than 40% of net income, according to the company's financial statements, after corporate income tax and after all types of reserves, in accordance with the law and as the company has determined.

Such dividend payment and dividend payment rate may change from the specified date depending on the operating results. Financial status, liquidity, investment necessity additional investment business expansion Reserve money for repayment of loans Or as working capital within the company Conditions and limitations as specified in the loan agreement. and other factors related to the management according to the Board of Directors and/or shareholders of the Company deems appropriate, provided that such dividend payment shall not exceed the retained earnings shown in the separate financial statements of the Company. and in accordance with relevant laws When the Board of Directors has passed a resolution approving the annual dividend payment. Must be presented for approval at the shareholders' meeting of the Company. Unless it is an interim dividend payment, which the Board of Directors has the authority to approve and report to the next shareholders' meeting.