Service Center with over

Information as of December 31 2022

branches nationwide.

The group of companies operates a car cleaning and coating service business under the company ASE, which is a joint venture of the group of companies. Most of the service centers are located near or within the car dealerships of the group of companies, with skilled personnel specialized in car paint protection.

4 car cleaning and coating services

4 car cleaning and coating services

Car washing, dust vacuuming, wheel tire shining, and engine bay dressing, etc.

Ceramic coating service

ASE Company has carefully selected high-quality ceramic coating products from the brand FEYNLAB, which is sourced from the United States, to use on their customers' cars. These products have the advantage of providing a strong surface that resists scratches and marks caused by regular use. Additionally, they have undergone rigorous testing for surface durability by the research institute EXOCA from the United Kingdom

We provide repair, restoration, and interior coating services for passenger compartments.

ASE has selected FENICE, a leading Italian leather care product brand, to be used on customer cars. FENICE has been certified by ISO 9001:2008 and is known for its innovative leather care solutions.

full wrap film service

ASE has selected high-quality car wrap film brand FEYNLAB from the United States to be used on customer cars. FEYNLAB has a self-healing feature that can repair scratches on the car's body.