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on providing various services.

4 Information Technology (IT) Services

The Information Technology (IT) department

We provide comprehensive Information Technology (IT) services, including complete solutions for infrastructure and application installation and development. Additionally, we offer consultancy services related to various aspects of IT services.

Customer Interaction Center (CIC) Department

Data service

We offer data services and respond to inquiries, such as handling customer calls to provide information about products and services.

Customer Contact Service

We provide customer contact services, offering product recommendations, promotions, and conducting satisfaction surveys through various channels, such as telephone and SMS.

Data Center Service

We provide data analysis and reporting services to reflect the operational results for our customer's group of companies who utilize our services.

Master Automotive Training Center (MAT) Department

We offer training and development activities to enhance the skills of our employees in various departments, whether it's in-depth knowledge about different car brands or sales-promotion skills related to car sales. These services are primarily provided to our staff members, such as sales representatives or mechanics, within the group of companies.

Innovative Mobility Experience (IMX) Department

We provide comprehensive digital marketing services, including marketing strategy planning, campaign development, and communication with external media buyers. Additionally, our IMX department is currently in the process of developing and planning to launch the Carlaxy platform in 2022. Our goal is to create an online marketplace that encompasses all automotive services and providers, offering a wide range of services and products from various providers. This platform will provide in-depth information about automotive products and services, and it aims to reach consumers from all market segments.